Entertaining team building activities for companies

Large or small. Private or public. Copenhagen or Hirtshals. On location or virtual. We deliver and facilitate our service to companies all over Denmark and we facilitate our virtual games for businesses worldwide. We come to you – whether you’re on your own company premises, at a hotel, a conference centre or at an online meeting. The games can be played pretty much anywhere and anyone can take part – irrespective of age, gender and position in the organisation.

Since we started 14 years ago, we have done more than 4,000 events,
and we currently do more than 700 events a year.

We facilitate virtually or come to you  – and we deliver all over Denmark | 4-1,000 participants
For corporate events | Prices from DKK 3,995 exclude VAT and transport

Homicide Division

Can you and your colleagues solve a murder?

The Police have received reports of a death at the venue. Before you know it, you're all involved in solving the case...

The Bank Job

Who robbed the vault - and how?

A bank has been robbed. You've been given the task of gathering the evidence in order to catch the perpetrators.

The Game Show

Compete in knowledge and speed

Fun and fast-paced quiz game in which the participants compete against one another.

Assistance Homicide

Solve a murder - unconventional collaborative exercise

Entertaining collaborative exercise where the participants can only solve the case if everyone cooperates and communicates.


A game of company culture

Develop workplace culture with your colleagues – and make everyone strong culture carriers.

Shadow Hotel

Shadow Hotel – virtual team building

Solve a murder case and practise teamwork! Everything takes place in our online meeting room.

Dilemma - virtual edition

A game of company culture - virtual team building

Develop workplace culture skills - and make everyone a trailblazer of office culture.

The Vault

Who robbed the bank – and how?

Takes place online and the participants visit different stations where it is important to keep eyes and ears open.

Flight #CB702

Flight #CB702 – virtual team building

Solve a complex criminal case and practise teamwork! Everything takes place in our online meeting room.

Global Goals Challenge

Sustainable Development Goals – virtual team building

Compete in the Sustainable Development Goals – and identify specific actions in our company.

Inventor lab

Innovation is a team sport

Fun and challenging game where the participants compete in coming up with good ideas.

Global Goals | The Game

Turn thoughts into action

Create common goals and a common direction with a focus on the global goals at your company.

Charity Teambuilding

Meaningful team building

Enjoy 2 hours of fun, fast-paced team building while working together for a good cause

Operation Desert Survivors

Survive in the desert

Strategic and mathematical team building exercise in which the teams fight for their survival.

Seriously fun entertainment for companies

Seriously fun entertainment for corporate events, team building, meetings,
Christmas parties, etc.

The games are great for all ages, genders and at all levels of the organization. We are not further away than an email or a call, so do not hesitate if you are unsure about which game is best suited for your event or have any other questions. Some things are clarified and explained best over the phone and we are here for the same.